Shure SRH750DJ full review

When it comes to headphones you won’t find much bigger (literally) than the Shure SRH750DJ we’re looking at here.

That’s partly because we don’t typically look at this sort of headphone. Most of us buy earphones specifically designed for iPods or iPhones; either sticking with the units supplied by Apple or purchasing similar (but slightly better) units.

But there’s a trend for people to use bigger, and bigger headphones. Specially people are increasingly using headphones designed for DJs (which are large cans like these) instead of regular headphones to go with their iPods and iPhones.

And when you test them out, you realise there’s method in the madness. The Shure DJ earphones provide superb audio quality, far better than most earphones we’ve tested. The sound is crisp and clear, with excellent mid-tones and a good range of bass and treble.

Because they’re designed to be used in noisy environments like clubs they work excellently in the street or on public transport, and are a good alternative to in-ear canalbuds when it comes to separating you from the world.

Of course, walking around with a massive pair of headphones on isn’t to everybody’s taste, and there’s little getting away from the bulk of these earphones. It’s not just the cans themselves, but the cable is an industrial coiled affair and the plug is large and bulky. On the whole it isn’t a natural fit for a small device such as an iPhone.

It also – understandably – lacks the remote controls you’d find on a set of earphones designed specifically for the iPhone.

So on the whole you have to ask yourself whether it’d be better to pick up something like the Bowers & Wilkins P5s, which are smaller and feature dedicated controls.

They are a good price too: the SRP is £139.99 but we’ve seen them on sale for closer to £80, which is stunningly good value considering the audio quality they produce.

We’d have to stress again, though, that the sound quality from these headsets truly is superb. They are an ideal accompaniment to a Mac, providing clear and crisp audio with little background interference. 

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