Skunk Juice Earbuds full review

As the quirky name suggests, the Skunk Juice Earbuds are designed to be fun, different, and not taken too seriously. Despite this, we found them surprisingly impressive, leaving little to complain about.

You can share music with up to four friends by using the on-cable magnets to connect sets of Skunk Juice Earbuds together. We can envisage Skunk Juice catching on rapidly in a school and becoming the next big craze. Plus, even when you're listening alone, they prevent that horrible moment when you get your headphones caught on something and they're yanked out of your ears, as the magnets will separate in a way that reminds us of Apple's mag-safe connector.

Available in black or white, the Skunk Juice Earbuds come with an additional set of earphones included, so users can start sharing without needing to buy two boxes. The additional set look slightly less appealing and can only be used to share music with the main set, but we didn't notice a huge difference in sound quality.

Talking of sound quality, the Skunk Juice Earbuds impressed us with a hefty bass punch, clear, warm acoustics and overall a good tonal balance. Our only criticism here is that the volume is quite limited, which could bother those who enjoy listening to music at a deafeningly loud level. For most however, especially children, it's a volume you'll probably be content with, particularly if you're used to Apple's standard earphones.

When it comes to the music sharing side of things, we found that the magnets used to connect each set of Earbuds were strong enough for us not to worry about them coming apart mid-song, but not too strong that we couldn't pull them apart quickly if we needed to. When tested with three sets sharing music at the same time, the sound quality didn't falter.

Unfortunately, the magnets mean that the Earbuds are significantly heavier than the earphones we're used to. This might not have been an issue if they were over-ear, but weight on these in-ear headphones caused some discomfort. However, there are two additional sets of different sized tips to help fit the Earbuds more securely.

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