On Stage Micro II full review

JBL does a good line in round travel speakers. This second version of the On Stage Micro looks pretty similar to the first from a few years ago, but it’s had some tweaks. The main difference is that compatibility has been updated to include all docking iPods and iPhones.

It now runs on four AAA batteries (as opposed to six AAs), but will also plug into the mains via the included plug and cable. JBL says you’ll get hours of music from a set of batteries. We left it for over 12 hours and it was still playing when we came back, so you should get quite a few afternoons on the beach from your four AAAs.

The sound from the unit is OK. It’s only a little thing, and the two speakers pack just 2W each, so it’s not going to satisfy musos who want to lie back on the sofa and close their eyes while they feel the noise.

But then it’s a travel speaker, not a hi-fi, and we think the On Stage Micro II sounds pretty good when compared to other small speakers. You can turn it up fairly loud without the sound distorting, and it plays music with a robustness that’s perfect for small rooms.

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