The Stretch full review

Fashioned from super stretchy polymer so space-age it has its own serial number (TR 55LX), this Philips and O’Neill set - the Stretch - is a winner for look and feel.

These phones really do stretch around even the biggest heads. The clever combination of a padded headband and pliable plastic enables them to do so without needing any fiddly adjusters.

In fact, the number of different materials used in the construction of these phones persuades the senses that there must be method here; some cunning underlying purpose. The matt black cans, the red nylon mesh covering the speaker housing, the comfortable, fake leather pads.

This feeling extends to the bundled 1.2m extension cord, which is covered in a polymer cloth reminiscent of iron cables. The cable connected to the phones is just a few centimetres long. Get the cable snagged or wander off while connected to your Mac and the extension should just pop out.

The Stretch headphones are certainly stretchy, and are fashioned with a combination of several different materials

The careful design and luxury packaging readies you for an audio experience which you expect to be on the sunny side of amazing, but it turns out that the Stretch phones are merely pretty good at the important bit of their job.

If you’re a fan of bass, they’re ace. The bottom end is warm and distinct without being boomy. We needed to adjust the positioning of the phones to find the top end, though. Those foam pads are comfortable, but absorb a little too much treble.

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