SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker review

The SuperTooth Disco 2 is a neat, portable Bluetooth speaker that's perfect for playing your iPhone tunes. Here's our review of the Disco 2 wireless speaker.

First things first: the SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker comes in colours other than the hot pink pictured below. (Sue us: we like it.) Alternatives include black, red and white.

Aside from its varied colour options, the SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker is a lovely bit of design. Its in-then-out concave profile – somewhere between a squashed architectural column and a cartoon molar – gives it a tactile, ‘pick me up’ charm; and at 182mm in height and 553g it’s pitched perfectly between easy portability and solidity.

There’s an audio port for 3.5mm inputs, but the SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speaker is primarily a wireless (Bluetooth) speaker, which will be good news for those with both pre- and post-Lightning iOS devices. Pairing up with an iPhone was simplicity itself, and we found the wireless link reliable up to a decent range (SuperTooth claims 10m, and we saw nothing to contradict this). You can run the speaker off the mains or use battery power: at a moderate volume you should get around 10 hours of play from a two-hour charge. That’s not too bad at all.

SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speakers

The key factor for a speaker unit, of course, is audio quality, and here too the device treads a wise balance. The sound is warm and rich, with a bass output that wouldn’t pass muster at the neighbourhood rave, but certainly doesn’t disgrace a mid-size, portable speaker. Choral recordings were clear and human sounding, pop and rock were taken in the Disco 2’s stride, and dance music was rendered with a respectable punch.

SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speakers

With its solid audio, combined with a portable form factor and no-brainer wireless, the Disco 2 is ideal for use around the home.

Finally, the price tag isn’t one to be taken lightly – a glance at the JBL Jembe speakers will demonstrate that good-quality wireless audio can be had for £20 less - but we think the SuperTooth Disco 2 is well worth it.

SuperTooth Disco 2 Bluetooth speakers

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The £79.95 price tag isn’t small, but the look, portability, convenience of use and audio output of the SuperTooth Disco 2 all tell in its favour. The wireless speaker market is thick with contenders, but this mid-price gem is our pick of the recent arrivals.

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