Disco Twin full review

The SuperTooth Disco Twin is a set of stereo speakers designed to work wirelessly via Bluetooth, so you can stream audio quickly from a connected iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

SuperTooth is a French company, and true to stereotype they have a lovely design sensibility. The Disco Twin is a small set of stereo speakers with a subtle hourglass shape. Build quality is good, and on the top of each speaker is an on/off button, as well as Volume, Play and Skip buttons. Although once set up you’ll primarily control the speakers via the connected device.

SuperTooth Disco Twin

The Disco Twin has nice touches as well, such as the way the devices say “hello” when they are switched on, and verbally identify themselves as “left” and “right” when connected.

One thing to note is that Disco Twin works via Bluetooth, rather than Apple’s AirPlay technology. Bluetooth has a number of advantages over AirPlay and the more we use both systems the more we’re starting to veer towards Bluetooth as the better system.

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Setup was an absolute breeze. Plug in both speakers (each has its own power adapter), press the ‘On’ button on the left speaker and it goes into Discovery mode. Switch on Bluetooth on the iPhone or iPad and connect to the speakers from the Devices list (ours came up as “ST Twin R37”).  Press ‘On’ on the right-hand speaker and you’re good to go. 

This is where Bluetooth seems to have a real advantage over Apple’s own AirPlay system, which connects to your local WiFi network. Hooking up a speaker system to AirPlay typically requires you to connect a Mac or iPad to the speaker using a custom WiFi network; then go through a web based browser to enter your SSID and Password for your own network. The faff of this largely depends on how well thought-out the speaker system is, whereas Bluetooth is typically always easy.

In our testing audio quality was the same from all devices, although we found streaming smooth on devices with Bluetooth 4.0; and stuttered occasionally on older devices with Bluetooth 2.1. Bluetooth 4.0 is found on iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 and later, and the latest iPod touch (fifth generation). You can also connect to it using Mac computers and non-Apple devices. Because it’s Bluetooth support is fairly widespread.

There are advantages to choosing an AirPlay speaker over Bluetooth. Generally the audio quality is better on AirPlay, especially with higher bitrates and lossless files. Also you can stream AirPlay audio to more than one speaker system at once (with individual volume levels). Also you can use multiple devices with AirPlay quite easily whereas you can only Pair a single device to these speakers at once.

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The audio quality on the SuperTooth Disco Twin isn’t anything to get terribly excited about either. It’s good for mid-tone and treble, but the bass lacks punch and the volume levels aren’t going to have the neighbours complaining.

Having said that these are a stylish and nice set of speakers that are easy to connect. They are a great solution for anybody looking to quickly add a set of stereo speakers wirelessly to an iPad or iPhone.

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