Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar full review

The Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar is an affordable Bluetooth wireless speaker that's suitable for iPad and iPhone owners. Here's our Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar review.

Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar review

Like the Orbitsound M9, Toshiba’s SBM1W is a 2.1-channel wireless speaker system, consisting of a small stereo soundbar and a subwoofer to beef up the bass. It doesn’t have the M9’s thunderous volume, but it’s only half the price: very good value at £150.

The small soundbar doesn’t have a dock for your iOS devices, opting for Bluetooth to provide wireless streaming instead. It’s well connected though, with 3.5mm Line In, RCA stereo, and coaxial and optical digital connectors, so it’s easy to hook it up to your TV or other equipment if you want to.

The soundbar unit is very compact, measuring just 11.4in wide, and the sound it produces on its own is rather thin. However, the 9in-high subwoofer backs it up nicely and adds welcome depth.

Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar review

The remote control includes a number of presets, including a 3D option for watching movies. However, we also liked the gaming preset, which boosts the bass for big explosions on video games, and works well with rock and pop music, too.

The SBM1W provides 60W output – compared to 200W for the more expensive M9 – so it’s not powerful enough for a serious party. But it works well for casual music listening or enhancing the soundtrack of films on TV. It could perhaps pick out a little more detail on higher frequencies, but overall sound quality is good for a speaker system in this price range.

Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar review

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