Travel Speakers group test


There are dozens – maybe even hundreds – of speaker systems available for the iPod and iPhone these days. Many of these are ‘portable’, in the sense that they’re small enough for you to pick them up and carry them from one room to another at home. However, they’re not really suitable for carrying with you when you’re going on holiday or a business trip somewhere. There’s a particular category of ‘travel’ speakers that are specifically designed to be small and light enough to carry in a backpack or suitcase when you’re travelling.

The challenge with travel speakers is to produce a system that is both light and compact, but which can also produce decent quality sound and enough volume to get the holiday swinging. There’s been a lot of progress in this area in recent years – gone are the days of flimsy little speakers that produce a thin, tinny sound. The latest travel speakers manage to combine sleek design and impressive sound quality. Battery life is important too, and it’s good to see speaker systems that can run for hours off their own internal rechargeable batteries.
So here’s our guide to the best speakers currently competing for a space in your backpack.

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