ViewSonic VP2365-LED full review

Strangely, the 23in ViewSonic VP2365-LED came in the biggest box but this is because the stand is already attached and as it has a large footprint, it takes up a lot of space. The stand is flexible though, allowing a fair measure of tilting and rotation into portrait mode; it makes attaching the power cable and monitor lead to its bulky back quite easy. It also sports no few than five USB sockets. 

The rudimentary looks aren’t helped by the cheap, plastic menu buttons on the front; thankfully one of them is a shortcut to the two most-used features – brightness and contrast. Once set up it’s almost entirely good news. The panel calibrates to give a nice clean, neutral finish with a great range of tones from highlights to shadows. The display is nice and sharp, so it renders text very well, and colours are strong, so photos and illustrations look great too. 

We did have to push it all the way to 100 per cent brightness for the calibration though, so if using it in very bright environments that typical 250cdm2 which all the IPS panels have, may be a limitation. As this is an IPS panel horizontal and vertical viewing angles are excellent. The white test shows only the slightest darkening in the corners; it’s the best on test here, just ahead of the Phillips. The black test was solid throughout, with no variation. 

To the Achilles heel of the IPS panel then, and the refresh rate. Well, the spec is 6ms, which is slower than the LG, faster than the Phillips, but the difference is imperceptible and in practice, there’s no ghosting no matter what you throw around the screen. The colour gamut coverage is up with the best of them, offering 98 per cent of sRGB, 75 per cent of AdobeRGB and 70 per cent of NTSC. That’s the best sRGB coverage on the IPS monitors (the LG panel offers better NTSC) though the ViewSonic costs about £50 more than the LG and Philips. 

The VP2365 was the best quality display on test with good colour coverage and a flexible stand


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