ViewSonic VX2753mh full review

ViewSonic’s rather jargon-heavy manual makes it clear that the VX2753mh is very much intended as a conventional computer monitor. The large 27in screen produces a bright, sharp image and would certainly work well as an external monitor for a laptop or Mac mini.

It might even tempt a few Mac Pro users who don’t want to fork out almost £1,000 for Apple’s outrageously expensive 27in Cinema Display. The CD bundled with the monitor includes a calibration profile for use with Apple’s ColorSync software, so it’s not out of the question that you could use it for newsletter or magazine layout work.

However, other aspects of the monitor’s design suggest that ViewSonic has its eye on more casual users too. The neat, slimline design wouldn’t look out of place in your bedroom or study, and a quick look at the back of the monitor reveals that the VX2753mh has two HDMI connectors, rather than just one HDMI and one DVI. That obviously gives you the option of hooking up a DVD player or an iPad alongside your main Mac. We were also glad to see that ViewSonic includes a full set of HDMI, VGA and audio cables in the box to help you get started.

Connecting an iPad was obviously the next step, and we soon fired up some HD episodes of Glee and Misfits from our iTunes library. The VX2753mh certainly works well for video playback, with LED backlighting that produces a bright and bold image, and quite respectable sound from the built-in speakers. Our only complaint was that the onscreen controls are a bit fiddly. Instead of providing simple presets for tasks such as watching films or playing games, the monitor makes you wade through some tedious menu windows in order to adjust the individual RGB settings yourself.

LED backlighting produces an attractive image on this more traditional 27in monitor, intended to be used with computers

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