Voyager Pro HD full review

The Plantronics Voyager Pro HD is a single silicone-eartipped earphone which swivels horizontally to allow the headset to be worn on either ear. The microphone can also swivel vertically up out of the way.

Behind the wearer’s ear sits the circuitry and battery, with three buttons for volume control and power. The only other button is a multi-purpose one on the base of the microphone arm, which answers calls and handles basic functions. A micro-USB port on the bottom of the rear portion of the Plantronics Voyager HD covers charging and any software updates via PC.

The Voyager Pro HD is a little big, and the headset’s earpiece can be uncomfortable at times because it’s so large.

When paired with a smartphone the Voyager Pro HD can handle calls and other audio like music or in-app sounds. Its best feature is its ability to sense when it’s being worn, automatically routing audio from your phone: you can put it on to answer a call, and taking it off transfers the call’s audio to your phone’s loudspeaker. If you’re listening to a music track and take the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD off, the track is paused.

The Voyager Pro HD worked well with the voice-control features of our Apple iPhone, and we expect the same when using it with an Android smartphone.

The sound quality is good – call quality was clear and did not suffer from any audio clipping. While not as good as wired headphones, it offers better audio than an iPhone’s bundled earphones.

The headset has an acceptably high maximum volume, so it should be okay in a busy environment. Helping this is some basic active noise cancellation, with the external microphone cutting out wind and ambient noise to assist voice call quality.

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