X-mini II full review

Sometimes looks can be deceiving. The diminutive X-mini II speakers, while cute, look like the kind of toy that gives gadget stores a bad name. Just 60mm×60 mm×44mm, and weighing in at modest 83g each, the speakers are available either individually or, better still, as pairs to create a stereo effect. Promising 2.5W of power and 2.W 'rating power,' the X-mini II speakers best selling point is the sheer volume of sound they produce. We were able to crank the speakers up without distortion, producing a sound that was perfectly acceptable considering the size and price.

 X-mini II speaker

Another big plus is the sheer portability, which makes the X-mini II speakers ideal companions for MacBook owners on the go, or even those with limited desk space. Charged via USB, the speakers offer up to 11 hours of continuous playback from one charge, which should be adequate for most users. A novel, modular 'buddy-jack' design lets users daisy chain speakers together, which the makers insist can produce enough power to keep any party crowd happy. Equally, the X-mini II speakers sound clear and detailed at low levels, if for instance you want to listen in bed or not disturb others.

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