Yeti Pro full review

Yeti Pro impresses from the moment you ease it out of its box. Heavy and built to last, it looks like an old-fashioned radio microphone. That’s where the resemblance ends – this mic captures audio at studio quality and is destined to become the Rolls Royce of high-spec digital audio.

That’s because this hefty, 3.5lb device can capture audio at triple the sound quality of CD, at 24 bit (192kHz). The mic connects to your Mac via USB or there’s an analogue XLR output, making this flexible solution equally at home in a home or professional studio. Want more? Try zero-latency headphone monitoring via the built-in stereo headset jack. Zero latency is a godsend for any vocalist.

This device isn’t just for solo voices: it’s built to capture audio in almost any situation, with four recording modes: omni-directional, cardioid pattern, stereo, and bi-directional. This extensive support for audio patterns along with the built-in gain, mute and volume controls on the side of the microphone make this a substantial competitor in the high-end studio audio space.

How does it perform? From the get-go you’ll enjoy more warmth and depth to the sounds you record. In tests in a crowded room the mic picked up the individual it was aimed at; equally, when we got the room to sing, the mic did a great job gathering that sound.

Plug this mic into Logic on your MacBook Pro and you’ll be creating studio quality sound in no time

Be warned that a microphone of this quality is very unforgiving of background noise. And bear in mind that 24-bit audio, while it delivers a higher dynamic range and much, much more accurate sound, takes up 50 per cent more disk space than 16-bit audio.

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