Harry the Fairy full review

Harry the Fairy is about a little green fairy (called Harry) who has to rescue other fairies from dangerous caverns full of saws, drills and spikes.

There are no enemies in Harry the Fairy, just the deadly drills and spikes, which are equally as challenging to overcome. To complete levels you need to navigate your way around the course of each level until you come to a fairy with red wings trapped inside a cage.

With an emotional soundtrack and dark graphics, this game will keep you on edge, leaving you anticipating what's coming next. The graphics are quite stunning: everything down to each separate blade of grass has been utilised to show off your iOS device at its best.

There are two types of control for this game. The first is joystick control, in which you use the touch screen of your device to move around (recommended for beginners). Second is tilt control, in which you use the accelerometer (tilt sensor) in your device to move around (recommended for advanced users). Both of the control schemes can be changed during gameplay without restarting the level.

Harry the Fairy features 20 different levels that are each very challenging and surprising in their own way.

The purpose of the game is entertainment, but we also think that there is a moral to the game. We think that it's trying to illustrate that if we keep treating the Earth how we do at the moment (by burning fossil fuels and other harmful substances), the world will eventually turn out like the one in the game (desolate and lifeless).

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