The Sennheiser HD215s are aimed squarely at DJs. The coiled cable is supplied with a 6.3mm adaptor, and is detachable from the headphones themselves, making it easy to pack them into the supplied drawstring bag without kinking the cable.

One feature that Sennheiser is proud of is the ability to swivel the ear cups to one side, allowing DJs to listen to one ear while mixing. In practice, its not an easy or smooth thing to do, and nigh-on impossible if you wear glasses.


Owing to their less than subtle looks you probably wouldn’t want to wear them outside much. They are, however, very comfortable, and don’t feel heavy on your ears. The headphones block out external noise pretty well owing to the closed design, allowing you to listen to music at low volumes with some detail. While the bass isn’t amazing, the general sound is great, especially at this price.

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