Badass Buds review

These in-ear headphones are clearly aimed at the skateboard market, with their graffiti logo and amusingly hip moniker, but they’re rather too good to be lugged round skate parks by spotty teenagers.

The shell houses titanium coated twin drivers and the sound quality is impressive for your £50. Street styling often brings with it absurdly loud bass, but we found the Badass Buds to be pretty balanced. Accuracy, too, is surprisingly good - on testing the earphones we noticed a xylophone on a big rock track that we’d never noticed before. Heavier rock can sound a bit light, but folk and acoustic music sounds great, especially considering the price.


We fear the street-styling might scare people off. The marketing might be a misstep, because there are plenty of people who’d love to get their hands on a comfortable and great sounding set of headphones for £50. As it is, our only criticism is the word ‘BADASS’ emblazoned across the tiny earpieces.

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