Bass Freq full review

The Bass Freq earpieces are approximately the same size as Sennheiser’s CX300 – small and comfortable – but with a longer plastic arm. They’re also lightweight, which means they don’t fall out as easily as some other canalbuds. Three pairs of translucent rubber eartips are included to fit different ears. The Bass Freqs are available in eight colour combinations: black/silver, red/silver, orange/silver, green/silver, white/silver, teal/silver, purple/silver, and orange/green.

As the name suggests, if you get a good seal in your ears, you’ll get better bass response than with any other canalbud we’ve heard. In fact, you have to move up to XtremeMac’s FS1, a true in-ear-canal model, to get comparable bass response from such a small design. At the same time, Bass Freqs give you the whole frequency spectrum: there’s actually midrange and treble. That said, these aren’t the most balanced canalbuds on the market; you’ll get better detail and slightly clearer midrange from the CX300.

If you’re wondering about cable noise, the Bass Freq cables are similar to those of the CX300: bumps and scrapes to the cables can be heard, sometimes loudly, in the headphones. This is true of nearly all canalbuds and canalphones.

Every set of Bass Freq headphones includes a matching Modawrap cable manager to keep excess cable from getting tangled. One missing accessory is a carrying case; considering that you stick the Bass Freq’s eartips in your ears, we’d like to have a case to keep those tips clean when not in use.

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