Bluetooth headphones group test


You’ve probably heard the hype about the recently released iPhone 3.0 software update, which adds new features to both the iPhone and the iPod touch. One of the new features that tend to get brushed over is the addition of Bluetooth wireless capabilities to the iPod touch, which means that you can now use it to listen to music on stereo Bluetooth headphones.

It turns out that - like the iPhone - the iPod touch has always had a Bluetooth chip sneakily hidden inside it, although that chip needed the 3.0 software update to get it working properly. And, in fact, Apple still hasn’t given us full Bluetooth capabilities as it forgot - or simply chose to ignore - a special Bluetooth option called AVRCP - ‘audio/video remote control profile’.

This means that the Bluetooth headphones can be used to play and pause songs, and to adjust the music volume, but that you still have to use the main iPod controls in order to skip forward or backward through tracks (maybe AVRCP will be in Software Update 4.0).

That’s not a major hardship, though, and we leapt at the chance to try out some of the latest Bluetooth stereo headphones with our iPod touch. It’s also worth pointing out that some of these headphones can be bought with optional Bluetooth adaptors that allow you to use them with an iPod classic or nano as well, so you don’t have to pay for a top-of-the range iPod touch or iPhone in order to get the convenience of Bluetooth wireless music.

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