BSH-100 Stereo Headphones + BlueNa iPod Adaptor full review

The BSH-100’s have a black frame, silver earpieces (where the controls sit) and comfortable cushions where they rest against the ear. There are two LED activity lights (blue and red) on the right earpiece – the blue light flashes to indicate activity on the Bluetooth network – which are the only ostentatious thing about these headphones.

They ship with a detachable microphone and a number of cables (USB, AC power) for charging. You can expect to get up to 12 hours of use from these on one full charge; charging takes between two to three hours with a standby time of up to 200 hours.

The BSH-100’s also ship with a BluNa iPod Adaptor. Out of the box this is configured for the iPod nano, but you can remove a cover to make the adaptor work with any dock-connector iPod. The adaptor connects to your media device’s dock connection – this makes for a more secure fastening than found on devices which connect to the line-out port of an iPod.

The device works at a range of 10m, and can integrate any Bluetooth device. It’s easy, for example, to pair the headphones with your mobile phone; then you can listen to your iPod and receive calls, which you can take using the in-earphone controls and the built-in microphone.

The earpieces have different jobs. The left one disguises the rechargeable battery, while the right offers volume up/down, forward/back, power, play, pause and mobile-phone controls.

How do they sound? Well, as they’re worn over the ear, you do get background noise, but they feel comfortable and once you master the volume controls (these are fiddly, as volume up also acts as skip forward, and down as skip back), you get a very pleasing sonic experience. Mobile phone chat is clear, and the microphone is good at rejecting background sounds.

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