Denon AH-C252 full review

Sitting comfortably at the tipping point between white bundled earbud hell and audio perfection, the Denon AH-C252 would be a good choice for cash-strapped music lovers.

Build quality is reasonable without being exceptional. Pay any more than this, and you’d baulk at the idea of headphones comprising almost entirely plastic. But the black Denon AH-C252s are discreet and lightweight and, despite a flimsy-feeling cord, they stood up well to the rigours of our testing. The 3.5mm jack is gold plated for that little bit of extra quality.

You get the requisite selection of silicon tips to make sure the Denons sit comfortably in your lugs and block out extraneous noise. The earpieces themselves are a peculiar shape _ the speakers bend forward into your ear, pointing toward your eyes. Once fitted correctly, they were difficult to dislodge even during a strenuous gym session, provided you don’t mind the sensation.

For the technologists out there, the Denon AH-C252s can handle up to 100mW and sport 11.5mm neodymium-backed drive units. Frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 23kHz, with sensitivity of 100dB/mW and 16 ohm impedance. In real terms this equates to volume. A big, fat noise with plenty of middle and a healthy bass sound.

This is not high-end audio equipment but, unless you require _ber accurate treble reproduction the Denon AH-C252s will suffice. Rockers and rappers in particular will love that throbbing bass.

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