q-JAYS full review

The q-JAYS are a great set of headphones from Jays, the high-tier audio company formerly
known as Jens of Sweden.

The package includes the 8g headphones, seven sets of silicone rubber tips, four filters to keep the buds clean, two extension cables (one curved, one straight-ended), a very small carrying case, a headphone port splitter for sharing songs and an airline adaptor. The headphone cable itself is 60cm long, while the extension cables are 90cm.

The key feature here is the size of these in-ear phones. Each bud measures just 18.4 x 7.5 x 7.5mm, but that tiny frame encloses dual micro armatures and an AirBooster to enhance bass.

Those two drivers mean that the q-JAYS deliver an excellent music-listening experience. Across the range of musical styles, the q-JAYS deliver fantastic sound quality.

Audio is well-balanced and accurate, particularly in the treble and mid-range. Instruments are well-separated. However, at times we felt the music sounded just a little distant – there was a slight lack of presence and depth to some songs we tested.

Bass, while really good, lacks that killer crunch, but rest assured, it’s there and (unlike some systems) not at the expense of treble and mid-range playback quality. The significance of this depends strongly on what flavour of music most rocks your boat.

Although this is an outstanding set of headphones, when you’re about to spend £129 on an item, it’s sensible to define exactly what kind of music playback you want before parting with your cash. These are great for indie or pop, but less effective for bass-heavy tunes. The q-JAYS cover audio in the 20Hz-20kHz spectrum.

In terms of design, this is a well-built set, with rubber absorbers at critical points to help protect you from accidentally tearing the cable. They’re comfortable too, and because they are so small this could be the wise choice if you have small ear canals and have had problems finding a set of in-ear headphones that actually fit.

With an eye for quality, these offer a gold-plated mini-jack to help suck the very best audio from your iPod and are available in iPod-friendly white or streetwise black.

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