JI-1050 Earphones full review

There’s no law that says you need to part with a week’s wages just to get your hands on headphones for your music player, and when Jivo’s JI-1050 Sound Isolating Earphones came into the office we just had to take a look, particularly as they cost just £15.95.

Perhaps it’s fair to say these don’t offer the advanced sound balance or audio-reinforcing magic of some more expensive sets, but if you’re looking for in-ear headphones at a sensible price, these have a lot to recommend them.

The headphones - which ship with three sets of different-sized rubber sleeves - are also extremely light and comfortable to wear.

Another good point is in the cable used in this set. Silly as it sounds, some manufacturers insist on using cable that’s either so firm it’s semi-rigid, thus easily knocked out of your ear; or rubber-coated cables that are so flimsy you’ll spend unwanted time untangling it. Jivo’s set find a compromise - a lightweight cable that has just enough rigidity to help you avoid too much tangling, while resting securely in your ears. The right earbud’s wire is a few millimetres longer than that on the left, so these hang slightly to the left when worn - which keeps them out of the way.

Finally, how do they sound? While music distorts slightly at higher volumes, bass is kicking (if a little fuzzy), treble appears nicely separated, and they did a good - if not great - job at keeping sounds out.

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