Z-5 full review

Logitech’s Z-5 speakers aren’t exactly portable, but they’re designed for people who use a laptop computer at home and may want to move the laptop around from time to time.

The system consists of a pair of stereo satellite speakers, each measuring about 25cm high. The speakers draw their power from the USB port rather than a separate power supply, so it’s easy to just move them from room to room along with your laptop. The limited power supplied by the USB port means that the Z-5 speakers can’t match the sheer volume of conventional powered speakers, but they were still louder than we’d expected from the modest 2W output.

The bass was good too, even though there’s no separate subwoofer, and the ‘omni-directional’ sound feature creates a nice ambient effect that makes the music seem to hang in the air, rather than focusing on a single ‘sweet spot’.

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