Over-ear headphones reviewed


Full-sized headphones equal full-sized sound - especially if you buy a decent pair. Many little earbuds have weak bass output, while a larger set of headphones can deliver richer, deeper bass and a more rounded, realistic sound.

Apple’s in-ear buds may consititute the iPod uniform, but they have left some listeners wanting. In-ear replacements are plentiful - there’s a set for every budget - but there’s nothing quite like a big ol’ set of headphones. Nothing says ‘music fan’ like walking down the street with a massive set of phones on, and they’re often more comfortable than sticking a hunk of plastic or metal deep into your ear.

There are other features that may also appeal to some people - such as noise-cancellation for use on planes, or wireless headphones that can be used if you need the freedom to move around. So here’s our choice of some of the best over-ear headphones currently available in different categories and price brackets.

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