IE 6 full review

If ever the quality of a box reflected the quality of what’s inside, then the Sennheiser IE 6 box is it. The packaging for this noise-isolating set of earphones is astonishingly lavish - all curvy corners, magnetic clasps, and beautiful presentation.

The headphones inside follow the container’s lead - this is a lovingly constructed, gorgeous sounding set of lughole pluggers.

The wires from the IE 6s are meant to go up round the back of your lobes and then down the front and up into your ears. It’s actually very comfortable - you don’t get the feeling that the weight of the wires is pulling on your ears.

The set comes with a pair of plactic ear hooks. Feed the wires by the earpieces through these to create a rigid clip round your ears. These aren’t ideal for glasses wearers - all that plastic can get in the way of your specs - but we found them just as comfortable with or without the plastic hooks in place, if a bit more fiddly to take on and off.

The IE 6 set also comes with a load of extras. There’s a very elaborate, and possibly over-large, metal-finished storage box, for starters. You also get four different sizes of eartips, and each size comes in two designs - a standard smooth fit and a flanged fit. Whether you use the flanged tips or the standard ones is up to you, but it does mean you have a spare pair in your size, as well as loads of different sizes and shapes.

Sound is rich and clear. The detail you’ll pick up compared to cheaper headphones is really striking. ‘Enhanced bass’ is touted on the blurb, and it sounds huge at high volumes, but it’s by no means overpowering _ punchy without getting silly.

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