Shure e500PTH earphones

Packed with miniaturised technology, Shure leads the field with these in-ear headphones, which replace annoying background noise, (such as your other half, friends, and any available children) with a soundscape you’ll never want to leave. Bass, treble and mid-range aren’t just good, they shine with reckless abandon in a wanton expression of bacchanalial pleasure.

These headphones don’t require a battery to activate their aural magic. However, the detachable Push To Hear unit, which adjusts music levels so you can hear external noise, is battery operated and adds a little extra bulk.


What’s nice about these simple-looking headphones is that they don’t appear flashy, so no one but you will recognise the perfectly separated sonic heaven you enjoy when wearing them. The downside (other than that many don’t like in-ear headphones) is that for most owning a Rolls Royce is a dream, not a reality, and for all their astounding audio ability they are incredibly expensive. We loved them and if you’re a true audiophile there’s no other choice, however, if you want decent sound at a price that also lets you feed your family, look elsewhere.

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