Heredis Mac X full review

For anyone who researched their family history before discovering the world of the computer, the transfer of bookshelves full of hand-written data is a daunting prospect. I am no exception and although I have often envied other people’s extensive computerized genealogies, before Heredis I had never encountered an application that would tempt me to take that step.

Heredis has everything I have hoped for! With its easy navigation and data entry, powerful search capabilities, database merging and – best of all – the ability to display and access all functions on one screen, it makes data management and the creation of family trees a breeze. Original documents of all kinds may be scanned and stored ready for integration with sound and video recordings – and photographs can be displayed on screen as well as in printed trees of numerous kinds, including a rather terrifying 3D version which places you at the centre of your own family universe. The most complex of family relationships can be handled with sensitivity and respect for privacy.

The single-screen layout is well suited to small laptops and can be increased in size for working on larger monitors, making it ideal to use in archives (where permitted) or at home. Data can be easily imported or exported as GEDCOM files, and thus exchanged with other researchers.

Installation is easy, and tutorial and practice files are included. The Heredis Web site at offers support, updates and a newsletter.

Data entry is unlimited, letting you include as much or as little detail as you like about individual family members. Searching data can be done by name, allocated identification number or by a variety of other methods ,and may be printed or displayed on screen in your choice of style. An easy click or drag-&-drop will take you to the details of any family member. Dictionaries of names, places and sources, as well as numerous listing capabilities are available, with easy access back to any individual. Even statistical reports, blank data forms, and lists of repositories can be generated, with formatting of your choice. A neat media manager keeps track of all your images, sound and video clips.

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