HiRise for iMac full review

HiRise from Twelve South solves one simple problem, adding height to your iMac or L shaped Apple Display efficiently and elegantly when a pile of books simply won't do. As the manufacturers point out, the health benefits of a properly positioned screen are clear, helping to ease bad posture and potential aches and pains creates a more productive and pleasant working environment. This is particularly true for anyone who spends too many hours sat in the same position, resisting the opportunity to take regular breaks. 

HiRise from Twelve South  

A built in support shelf system lets users adjust the height of their screens to one of six positions, which vary from a modest 0.9 inches (23 mm) to a more noticeable 2.51 inches (64 mm). It doesn't sound a lot but it does appear to make a positive difference, as we found during our tests. This obviously all depends on the height of your desk or regular workspace. Twelve South notes enthusiastically that placing the shelf into the second slot from the bottom perfectly aligns the screen height of your iMac with a Thunderbolt Display. The stand includes some storage space, or nesting spot, for accessories and possibly valuables. Teflon sliders meanwhile, appear to protect your workspace from unsightly marks and scratches from turning or moving your iMac or display. 

 HiRise from Twelve South

HiRise comes in packaging worthy of Apple's high standards and thankfully that quality extends to the stand itself, which looks and feels classy, easily able to support the weight of the larger iMac. HiRise requires some assembly, including setting fixing screws in place to hold your iMac or Apple Display securely. It's a little fiddly, especially when trying the different shelf options to find one best suitable for your desk, but it's a process you should only really need to do once. Perforated faceplates allow for ventilation and should, insists the makers, help keep your drive cool. Such is the build quality that Twelve South's stand may out live your iMac or display.

HiRise from Twelve South


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