Home Accountz full review

Home Accountz is the latest personal finance solution from Accountz.com. As the follow up to Personal Accountz, it improves upon the feature set of the last release of that product.

Getting started is easy: you can manually enter your starting data, or import data from an existing program (including Personal Accountz, Microsoft Money and others). To import data you first need to create an export from the source application in QIF, OFX or CSV format and guidance is provided within the program as to how you do this. There are also some excellent video tutorials available at www.accountz.com.

You can create budgets directly against your account views. This allows you to see at a glance where funds are available to be applied at that time. As you get closer to that time, you can alter the budget to suit your financial situation at that point.

Home Accountz includes the ability to handle multiple currencies. You can have an account in UKP, a second in EURO and handle them side by side. I’d like the ability to apply an exchange rate automatically when moving currency between a UKP account and a EUR account; but there’s nothing particularly wrong with the feature as it is now.

You can automate direct debits and standing orders. Hence when a direct debit/standing order is taken out of your ‘real’ account, you can create a matching debit within your Home Accountz view. This works for amounts that don’t change – e.g. a basic phone bill – but if the debit alters each month you will need to manually edit the figure afterwards.

You can filter out, and report on, virtually every part of your data. Reports are customisable so you can only include that data you require at that point in time.

Managing your share transactions is now possible thanks to the Shares option. However, Home Accountz does not track the share data for you; it’s a means merely of recording share purchases/sales which is a little disappointing as shares have a value that may alter on a daily basis. I’d like to see further work on this in the future.

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