iTunes compatible set-top boxes reviewed


These days it seems inevitable that the floor around your TV is going to get cluttered with black boxes and cables: Freeview, Sky, amp and speakers, games consoles, DVD, Blu-ray player (if you’re lucky)…

But everything is on the net or on your computer, so how badly do you want to stream all those movies and music from iTunes or your dodgy BitTorrents onto your TV – badly enough to add another box to the pile?

Maybe there’s something out there that will help to reduce the number of boxes in the house, convergence-style. The most obvious candidate is the Apple TV – from the people that brought us iTunes in the first place. Of course, it’s an elegantly designed box, works equally well on Mac or PC, and is now more reasonably priced than it used to be.

But there are other home entertainment products that offer iTunes streaming alongside their own particular specialities. We rounded up a few candidates and set off to find out which would earn their place on our floor, stand or table, and which integrated most successfully with iTunes.

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