HP PSC 1410 full review

The HP PSC 1410 is a low-cost, all-in-one solution. It’s as basic as you can get for one of these units and feels cheap and plasticky. It also has the problem of many low-end HP printers, where there is no separation between the input and the output trays.

It’s very noisy while printing text so it could be intrusive in a quiet home office. It took 24.5 seconds to print a single page in normal mode, and obtained 5.5 pages per minute (ppm) overall, which isn’t bad for an entry-level printer. In this mode print quality issurprisingly good; characters are crisp and clear and there is little evidence of ink running. For a faster print speed you can switch to draft mode, where the 1410 can output almost 10ppm and quality remains adequate.

Photo printing took 6 minutes 44 seconds for an A4 colour photo in Best mode, the default for photo paper. But you wouldn’t use a device like this for photo printing as output quality is average at best. It’s not bad in terms of colour and clarity, but the ink droplets are very visible and it struggles with gradations, particularly in areas of shadow. Scan quality is terrible, it makes a photo look like newspaper print. Colour accuracy isn’t bad but the final result is very noisy.

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