This is easily one of the most stylish smartphones on the market. It sports appealing, subtly curved lines and a satisfyingly chunky, but not weighty, look and feel that’s perfect for placing casually on the desk while you’re pitching your master plan at a client meeting. The display offers the same 320 x 240 resolution as some of the competition – unfortunately, in portrait mode only – and is bright, clear and easy to read. The operating system is Windows Mobile 5.0, and although the processor runs at 300MHz, this phone feels speedy and responsive. 3G comes as standard, so you’re not limited to the standard GSM networks. Navigation is by means of a jog wheel and micro-joystick. It’s easy enough to find your way around and access to contacts, a calendar and other essentials is fast and intuitive. iSync is only possible with a third-party add-on. Also included is a rather mediocre 1.3-megapixel camera that’s fine for snaps, but lacks flash or a portrait mode.


HTC has a problem pitching MTeoR as a smartphone, because even though it looks good, it’s not all that smart. The lack of a QWERTY keyboard immediately turns browsing and emailing into a torturous exercise. It’s best to consider this phone as a tool for media viewing rather than media creation – an idea that’s reinforced by the inclusion of Windows Media Player and the ClearVue suite of document-reading tools, which can open PDFs and all the standard Office file formats. The concept seems to be that you can be emailed documents for preview, and can then phone in comments. This makes sense as far it goes, but also places some very obvious limits on how much work you can get done with this phone. If all you’re looking for is a stylish handset, there’s no lack of alternatives, some of which offer a similar suite of document preview features.

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