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Where do you listen to music? If you commute by public transport the answer is likely to be on your iPod. Or perhaps you like to kick back and listen at home. But for car-owners often the favoured place for playing music is in their vehicles. The trouble is that in a post-CD world, getting MP3s playing on your car stereo isn’t very straightforward. Enter Dension, the mobile MP3 specialists to save the day.

Dension spotted the opportunity to make MP3 players for cars early on, and has had a hard-disk-based headunit (headunits are what we used to call car radios in the past) for a few years now. What Dension realized, though, is that iPod users already have a disk full of MP3s and don’t really want to buy another for the car.

The ice>Link:iPod is designed to plug into an existing car stereo. It isn’t compatible with all stereos, but so long as the model you have has an option to control a CD changer it’s likely it will be supported. Failing that, any headunit with an auxiliary input will work, but with reduced functionality.

The device interprets the controls from the headunit, to control your iPod. It also juices it up, so no cigarette-lighter charger is needed. Tracks can be skipped forward and backwards directly from the stereo. Unfortunately it isn’t yet possible to display track names on the headunit, but this will be possible in future products when hooked up to some high-end stereos and navigation units.

With the huge array of car-radio configurations, it’s a daunting task to figure out what installation kit you need. Thankfully you can have a pro do it for you for £40-£70. That includes the £15 mounting kit, so going the DIY route would save only £25.

All iPods are supported in one way or another. The mini requires a sleeve; the original iPod connects only through an auxiliary jack; and there are no special fittings for the newest model. However, if the new slimmer shape requires any modifications, Dension will have them soon.

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