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Apple's iPod, with its shiny mirrored back and matt-white polycarbonate front-casing, has rightly been awarded design-classic status - helping it quickly become the world's best-selling MP3 player. 10GB and 20GB models ship with a carry-case to protect it from the usual bashes and scrapes a portable device naturally encounters. But even with a protective case, the iPod gets scratched. I'm not too fussed about scratches on my iPod - I own a Titanium PowerBook, for god's sake. In fact, the odd scar is a badge of honour for the road-warrior. But they can be annoying when obstructing the LCD screen. iCleaner promises to take an iPod - or white iBook - back to its factory-fresh gleaming beauty after just a few cleans. It requires a 100 per cent cotton terry-cloth towel to draw and trap abrasive particles and contaminants on the surface. Applying the brown goo is a simple matter of making small circular motions, and then a lot of wiping and furious buffing. Be careful not to scrub away the front control markings, though. iCleaner Pro comes with a terry towel, and a small tub of iPod-back metal polish. This stuff can cause skin irritation, so you get a pair of rubber gloves as well. Laser etchings are not affected. I cleaned two reasonably scratched iPod backs, and after a few applications there was definitely an improvement. I'm sure my mum could have done better, and had it back to its virgin state in a jiffy - but mine still bears a few scars even after a good buffing. This polish can also be used to remove deep scratches on the white plastic front.
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