iDock full review

The iDock is a weird beast, combining all kinds of iMac connectivity in a swivel stand for your iMac. It allows a degree of swivel, though not as much as I would like. On the back of the stand there is a host of sockets for almost everything you could want. There is a USB hub with one upstream and three downstream ports, two Geoport serial ports and, strangely, a parallel port. The hub makes perfect sense, though more ports would be nice. The serial ports are handy for people using older peripherals, but they can’t be used for networking. The odd one is the parallel port – a port usually only found in PC peripherals. This means that you should, potentially, be able to use old PC printers, but that may not be as easy as it sounds. Finding the correct drivers may well be troublesome. Aesthetics is another issue.If you have the older Bondi Blue iMac you’re in luck. But if you have the newer fruity flavours, it may clash. The manufacturer of the iDock has solved this problem by making a clear version, available later this year.
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