iGo CITY Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones [mac] full review

The iGo City headphones are designed to block out background noise and minimise distractions. And they do – to a certain extent.

In the box are the iGo City Headphones, a 3.5mm mobile-compatible plug with microphone, Skype adaptor, travel adaptor, and AAA battery. The battery is required to power the noise-cancelling technology, which is controlled by a switch on the side of the left headphone. The headphones still work if noise cancelling is switched off, but the sound quality is drastically lowered.

With noise cancelling switched on, the sound is clear and crisp with powerful bass and a well-balanced audio spectrum. General background noise is inaudible. The design of the headphones means that your ear is fully covered, guiding every note in the right direction and ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

We were sent a brown and gold pair to test, and weren’t too keen on this colour scheme. The shade of brown is not consistent, but the colours do blend quite well with brown or blonde hair. The alternative colour option is white and red, which is arguably more appealing, though more conspicuous.

Don’t miss a note with these noise-cancelling headphones

Colour scheme aside, the ear pieces are soft to the touch and the size adjustment to ensure a good fit is sturdy yet smooth. The hinged headphones fold up easily, but they probably wouldn’t squeeze in a pocket or small bag.

The cable sports a remote that doubles as a microphone, but there’s no volume control from here. The cable can be removed from the headset; the manual says this is to enable use of the noise-cancelling technology without any audio. This seems like a strange use for headphones at this price, plus, it doesn’t work very well – when using this function we could still hear the television when it was on low volume in the room next door. 

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