dermaShot full review

We have it on good authority that the screen of the iPad is incredibly strong, whereas the aluminium rear of the device is exceptionally scratch prone.

In this sense the Incipio dermaShot makes an awful lot of sense, it's a rubberised cover that protects the rear of the iPad, leaving the screen fully accessible. Made out of silicone, the case (according to Incipio) has a new anti-static coating technology that gives it a unique feel.

That may be true. It certainly feels… unique. The problem is that we don't really like the feel of it. It feels oddly slippery in the hand, in a way that rubber really shouldn't feel. In a quick-office straw poll of seven people, six said they disliked the feel of the case; one person said they didn't mind it.

Oddness aside, we're not really sure what the advantage is of having an anti-static coating on something designed to be held in the hand is. All it does is make it slippery.

In terms of design the dermaShot is adequate, if nothing special. It comes in several colours, although our grey model was somewhat depressing. It has with holes cut out for the earphones, speaker, hold switch and access to the dock port. Functional but a bit weird to the touch would sum it up.

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