Interarchy 7.01

Interarchy, formerly known as Anarchie, is so much more than a simple FTP program these days. Now with version 7.0 built for Mac OS 10.2 and higher, a host of features have been added and existing features improved. As well as boasting the basic functions you’d expect from an FTP program such as secure FTP, file and site mirroring, bookmarks and so on, the last few updates to Interarchy have included other network functions. These are tools such as trace route, network status, host info, graphical bandwidth monitoring, port scanning and more - building the application into a power-user’s tool. You can also use it to download complete Web sites via http for offline browsing. The speed at which Interarchy connects and lists files and allows you to up and download changes is fantastic compared with may other Mac FTP programs. Not surprising, then, that it’s one of the most popular around. Tabbed browsing through bookmarks echoes the extremely popular browsing technique found in Apple’s Safari and other Web browsers. The automation feature it offers includes batching, queuing, delaying, caching, and repeat file-transfers. Support for Rendezvous and other OS X Finder features are integrated - such as drag-&-dropping URLs from a browser. In fact, you can drag-&-drop practically everything within Interarchy with the bonus of having a variety of customizable user interfaces to choose from.


If you need a supersonic, stress-free and sturdy tool that will help speed up your productivity then Interarchy should be one of the first you try.

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