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Those of us new to the Internet and impressed by the wide range of data delivery formats available, such as audio, video, image and text, will not only want to see other people’s multimedia content, they will also want to host their own Web sites. The lack of PCI expansion slots has, so far, prevented the use of video-capture cards for getting video information onto the iMac. XLR8’s InterView video-capture package for iMacs and USB Power Mac G3s plugs this gap. Interview will allow you to capture in real-time – 320-x-240-pixel movies or 640-x-240-pixel movies. The InterView package is easy to set up – the manual takes you through the software installation. Once you’ve got the system and software drivers set up all you do is plug in the InterView devices and run the set-up checker – InterReView. The hardware device comprises of a small black box with a USB connector on one end and a composite and S-Video – higher quality picture – input ports at the other. Once you’ve installed all the software, you simply plug it in to any video source, such as a digital camera or VCR, and begin. Digitizing video onto your iMac will allow you to modify filters, and then distribute them on CD, the Web or via email. You can do this with VideoShop, the free software provided. QuickTime can also be used to edit, adjust and convert movie files for publishing on the Web. You simply select the required sound and video settings and then, in VideoShop, open the Digitizing window, start your video tape and view the preview. When ready, press record and when finished, the captured clips are stored in QuickTime format ready for viewing or editing in VideoShop. The tutorial and manual will show you how to get the most from all the features in VideoShop
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