Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic full review

“We think we finally got these right,” said Steve Jobs when he unveiled Apple’s new In-Ear headphones. That in itself is an admission Apple’s headphones to date have been poor.

The market for iPod owners replacing their standard headphones is big business and Apple obviously hopes that these £54 headphones will grab a slice of that market too.

The stand-out feature of these new headphones is that each earpiece includes two drivers; a ‘woofer’ for handling bass and mid-range frequencies, and a separate ‘tweeter’ for the higher frequencies. That’s no small feat, given the size of the earpieces, and Apple is right to point out that in-ear headphones with a similar twin-driver design generally cost closer to £100.

Not surprisingly, then, the In-Ear Headphones certainly outperform the standard earphones supplied with our 2G iPod touch. The sound isn’t nearly as thin and tinny as the cheaper earphones, and the twin drivers provide a lot more detail. Even so, we’d still have liked a little more punch from the bass. The woofer ensures that you can hear the bass quite clearly, yet the bass still lacks muscularity.

Like the less expensive Apple Earphones (£19), the In-Ear Headphones include a tiny remote control for controlling music playback, as well as a microphone for recording voice memos. Unfortunately, these only work with the very latest versions of the iPod touch, classic and nano, which is annoying if you’re not looking to upgrade. You also get three sets of silicon earpieces in different sizes, to ensure a good fit.

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