Dexim AV Dock Station full review

Dexim’s AV Dock Station promises to put your iPod or iPhone at the centre of your home entertainment setup. It provides an attractive dock unit, along with an audio-visual cable that incorporates left and right stereo output and a yellow-plugged video output.

Most TVs have separate red, white and yellow inputs for such a cable, but if yours doesn’t you can buy an adaptor that allows you to plug the three strands into a SCART socket. If you want to connect it to your stereo, you use just the red and white plugs to plug the dock into the stereo input. The Dexim doesn’t come with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, so if your stereo has a 3.5mm input, you’ll need to buy your own cable.

The dock itself looks good. It’s very light, and actually feels like it could do with a few extra grams. However, it’s curved shape and grey rubberised feel makes its appearance a cut above similar shiny plastic docks.

A remote control is included, and while again it’s very lightweight, is does allow for straightforward navigation of both touchscreen and clickwheel iPods.

The Dexim also comes with a mains cable. You only actually need to plug it into the mains if you want to charge your iPod while you listen or watch. This is handy if you don’t want a load of devices plugged in and on standby.

One drawback of the Dexim is that it doesn’t have a USB port, so you can’t use it with a computer to sync your device - it’s just for using your iPod for its audio-visual playing capabilities.

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