ProControl AV full review

The concept of the iPod dock is partially a question of tidiness – if you’re one of those people for whom everything must be ‘just so’, it’s reassuring to know that your iPod has a special place to sit. Modern docks are about more than just neatness though, and the ProControl AV from Gear4 promises to cover all your bases when it comes to using your iPod in the home.

The black dock is simply designed. Its rounded shape makes it look like a bar of soap, and there’s no wacky colours or lights, just a cool blue light on the front. It certainly doesn’t draw attention to itself. One of its main strengths is that it comes with all the cables you’ll need to start using it for all your iPod needs.

Round the back of the dock, you’ll find the power socket, a USB hole for charging and syncing with your computer, and the line out. Using the supplied leads, you can connect the line out to your stereo for playing music, or to your TV for watching videos stored on your iPod. It even has a SCART adaptor so you can plug the white, red and yellow leads straight into a spare SCART socket on your TV.

The dock also comes with adaptors for use with all the new iPods and quite a few older models - and, unlike many current iPod accessories, the ProControl AV will charge the new iPod range.

In use, the dock works fine. The mains plug is one you have to clip together, and it seemed a bit brittle, but sound quality is good and it looks cool next to your HiFi. However, it’s not as flexible as a wireless dock - you’ll need to cart it from your computer to your TV to your HiFi if they’re not all within reach of the short leads that come with the dock.

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