Griffin AirCurve full review

Griffin’s £18 AirCurve iPhone speaker is a refreshing piece of technology: it never needs charging, updating or rebooting. It’s an iPhone/touch speaker that you don’t even need to plug in or power with batteries - it’s entirely acoustic.

It is formed from a transparent block of silicone polycarbonate with a groove - a coiled waveform horn - running through it that causes it to resonate and amplify whatever’s playing on your iPhone. It’s fair to say that when we were shown a prototype version back in the summer, we were smitten. Now we’ve got one in to test, we’re every bit as taken with it.

The AirCurve can’t, of course, crank up the volume very high. It’s not much more than 10cm long and there’s a limited amount of resonance that can build up, so it can only add about 10 decibels to the overall volume. So you won’t be replacing your HiFi with this environmentally-friendly gadget, but it’s perfect for hassle-free travel.

The AirCurve is designed to work with the iPhone 3G, but comes with an adaptor (a small white plastic tray) that sits under an iPod touch and keeps its slimmer dimensions in check. If you’re near a computer or a mains power supply, you can use the connection cable supplied with your iPhone and use the AirCurve as a dock so the handset charges while in use.

The iPhone 3G’s speaker is louder than the touch’s, and as a result the amplification from the AirCurve is noticeably more pronounced when working with the iPhone.

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