Just Mobile UpStand for iPad full review

Just Mobile's UpStand for iPad is a dedicated stand for viewing your iPad on a desk, table, or countertop. It’s simple, lightweight, and works with both iPad generations—even when the tablet is in a reasonably sized case.

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The UpStand is precision engineered from aluminum, making it a good complement to Apple's current hardware line. Rubber-coated supporting grips hold your tablet firmly in place while keeping it free of scratches from the stand itself, and non-slip feet keep the stand put.

While the stand, at approximately 6 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 7 inches tall, is sturdy enough for routine tapping and swiping on the iPad's screen, the slight backward angle (about 10 degrees from vertical) is clearly not designed for sustained typing or screen interaction. And since the stand doesn't offer other angles or positions—and just a single height, about 1.5 inches off the table or desk—it's best for watching videos and presentations, reading, browsing websites and email, and using similar apps. The angle is also good for using your iPad with an external keyboard for longer typing sessions.

The stand lets you position your tablet in landscape or portrait orientation—just pick up the iPad, rotate it, and put it back on the stand—and leaves the iPad's dock-connector port accessible for charging and syncing in either orientation.

The UpStand's single angle and height does put it at somewhat of a disadvantage compared to other iPad stands on the market, but it's a convenient position for screen viewing, especially if you want to keep the tablet alongside a computer display.

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