i-Station 25 full review

The i-Station 25 is a portable speaker dock that runs on AA batteries and - thanks to a built-in accelerometer - can be used in portrait and landscape mode. This means you can watch movies in the right orientation as the four speakers intelligently switch to keep the audio coming out of the correct channels. The dock comes with slim-line remote control and mains adaptor.

The only buttons on the i-Station 25 are for power and volume with everything else managed with the remote control. The construction is very robust and the one-piece nature means that you can throw it in a bag and not have to worry about pieces snapping off or breaking.

The remote offers control over bass and treble and allows you to navigate the iPod menus, though even with the large iPhone or iPod touch screen you have to be pretty close to see tracks and albums so using the touch screen is the most efficient method for navigating and choosing tracks.

For £70 audio quality is surprisingly good and though at loud volumes there was some distortion the i-Station 25 more than held its own at normal levels.

For such a small device with speakers so close together we were impressed by the depth and clarity of the audio in both movies and music. We’ve heard a lot of portable speaker systems that are actually painful to listen to but in this case the sound was very good.

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