SE115 full review

Shure’s headphones are consistently awesome, and the company’s audio know-how is undisputed in both consumer and professional spheres. The SE115s are an upgrade to the company’s popular SE110s. In a wide range of headphones, the SE115s come in at £100 - more of a serious investment than the £50 SE102 set, but not crazy money like the £250 SE420 set.

The SE115s come in a variety of colours - blue, red or pink. Thankfully there’s still a black option for the conservative iPodders among you.

For your £100, you get decent sound. It’s detailed and bassy, but we weren’t as keen on the clarity _ it’s not as defined and crisp as we’d like. The SE115s boast a new dynamic driver, but it left us a bit disappointed.

The build quality is superb. The headphones are a bit large but while the coloured areas are quite plasticky, the overall look is good and the build feels sturdy. There is a bulbous outer bit that houses the technology, and a long slender part that attaches to one of the many eartips that come in the box.

You can choose from a multitude of foam, flanged and standard tips to find the one that fits you best. The headphones are designed to fit in your ear from above, so you’re meant to put the cable around the back of your ear and insert the headphones as they hang down.
You also get a good quality soft carrying case in the box, and a pokey tool for cleaning earwax from the headphones. Gross!

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