Luna Voyager full review

XtremeMac’s Luna Voyager looks like a modern take on an old fashioned bedside clock. It’s an iPod alarm clock – no radio on this one, which makes the £79.95 asking price a bit of a stinger. However, it has a few unusual features that catch the eye as much as the sleek design.

The main body is covered in a rubbery material, making it nice to stroke and giving it a smart matte look. The bright blue clock display also looks swish – overall the Voyager would add plenty of bachelor pad style to your room.

It’s billed as a potential travel clock, and while it’s too big for roughing it, the Voyager would make a hotel room feel a bit more homely and would easily slip into your suitcase. It’s about the size of a paperback book.

Set up is a breeze – all you need to do is plug it in and dock an iPod or iPhone. The Voyager then sets the time based on the clock on your iPod - provided you have the time set on your iPod or iPhone, that’s all there is to it. It takes about five seconds.

We also liked that you can set it to wake you up to a specific playlist. Just set up a playlist in iTunes with the name ‘Luna’, sync it to your device, and the Voyager will use that playlist as your alarm.

Given the size of the unit, the sound is pretty good. The side facing speakers give good stereo separation, provided you’re listening from in front of the unit. The sound is a bit thin, particularly on noisy music with lots of different instruments. However, the tone of the speakers on acoustic and vocal-led music is lovely. It’s not a Hi-Fi, but it does a good job as an alarm clock.

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