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Productivity focused to-do list app Clear from Brighton based Realmac Software essentially anticipated Apple's radical iOS 7 redesign, with, as the name suggests, a design free of visual clutter and real world ornamentation. Clear+ continues the theme, built exclusively for iOS 7, it embraces iOS 7's new physics and dynamics features, including adding a sense of depth with parallax and background refresh, to tweak an already effective design. 

Clear+ allows users to create any sort of list that you might find useful, from the aspirational - planning dreams - to the more routine and frankly boring - shopping, paying bills and such like. Each item is colour coded, the most important highlighted at the top of your stack of lists, in a manner that some have likened to the colour blocks seen on Windows smartphones. Whatever, it's a good look, one that is easy to read and act upon, helped by a simple onscreen guide available at first launch. 

Clear+ for iPad, iPhone  

Items can easily be rearranged by tapping and holding them, dragging them up or down to change priority. Once a to-do item is done users can either swipe to the right to complete, or to the left to delete, it really is that simple. Clear+ feels most productive when you keep items succinct, this isn't a replacement for a diary and the less time spent on the keyboard the more likely youare to get through your to-do lists. 

Compatible and easily synced via iCloud with the earlier, now discontinued Clear for iPhone and the Mac desktop version, Clear+ isn't a radical departure but does make use of the bigger screen found on the iPad and iPad mini. iPad only features are minor enhancements, but welcome nonetheless, including the ability to preview a list in the sidebar with List Peek and move tasks between lists. Developers Realmac Software promise Reminders integration is next on the to-do list for them, something which will only make a simple but effective app even more appealing.

Clear+ for iPad, iPhone

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