Feedly for iPhone and iPad full review

Touted as a 'personalisable and beautiful magazine' Feedly is Google Reader done right. Available for a range of devices and operating systems, Feedly, here reviewed for iPhone and iPad, is a convenient way to aggregate, view and share content from RSS feeds from your favourite sites, blogs, podcasts and videos. This is all done within a customisable interface that is clean and crisp and devoid of the distractions normally associated with browsing the web. 

Feedly provides users with a cool section of interesting sources to get you started, grouped under Apple, Android, Business, Cinema, Cooking, Deco, Design and so on, essentially something for everyone. By signing into Google you can add and delete Google Reader sources. Here, we simply imported the .opml MySubscriptions file from our preferred desktop news aggregator NetNewsWire into Google Reader to ensure we weren't missing anything. 


Feedly’s recent redesign simplifies browsing with well considered navigation that reduces any learning curve to a minimum. The app also makes light work of posting to Facebook and Twitter and sharing content online. Users can also incorporate links saved in both Pocket - formerly Read It Later - and Instapaper - from within the app. Feedly offers a choice of Day or Night themes, the later works well late at night in bed or anytime you simply want to relax and catch up with some news.


The ability to adjust text size is a plus, especially when viewing content on a iPhone or iPod touch, when reading is less appealing. Apple's iPad is clearly the best mobile platform for Feedly, although the service is also available to Android and Kindle users as well as a browser plug-in for Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The team behind Feedly note some annoying bugs in the latest 10.0 update, one related to entering Google passwords, which we hope will be stamped out shortly.  Other bugs - one that requires you to restart the app, another that causes crashes on certain sites - also needs to be addressed.


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