Vesper: Elegant Notes full review

Vesper: Elegant Notes, or Vesper for short, is note-taking app that is a joy to use thanks to a clean and considered user interface which offers a simple, intuitive way of collecting notes, ideas, to-do lists and more in one place. Developers Q Branch are clearly both fans of typography and Apple's recent design overhaul with the introduction of a clutter free iOS 7. With the ability to adjust text to a size and crucially weight that best suits, it makes note taking a more productive and pleasurable experience, one that even suits more long form note taking.

 Vesper: Elegant Notes for iPhone, iPad

Vesper comes with a built-in tutorial, but thankfully the learning curve is minimal relying on the user to prioritise any notes by tapping and holding them and dragging them up and down to reorder them. Notes can be archived or deleted and tagged to more easily group related items together, while the ability to add a photo to a note is also an option. This option could act as useful visual reminder, or even a memento, and doesn't distract too much from the productivity focused design. Those notes you wish to share, or back up individually, can be copied, emailed or sent via text message. 

Vesper: Elegant Notes for iPhone, iPad  

A relatively recent addition to the Apple iTunes App Store, Vesper lacks a few killer features to make it a must have app just yet. The lack of syncing options is a pity, although this will be addressed in future updates.  A few iOS 7 related bugs, noted by users on Twitter, have appeared in recent updates and these may already have been squashed by the time you read this. We'd also like to see a native iPad version and ideally a Mac desktop version, with the ability to archive notes independent of your iDevice.

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